Christmas Trees

Real versus Fake Trees – What’s your preference?

I like to do a lot of Christmas decorating around my house and I spend a week or so trying to get everything just right.  Why? Because I love it! Who doesn’t?  I have used both real and fake tree’s and I guess it really comes down too, how much work do you want to do?

In fact when I was younger I would do more than I do now.  Yes, I would start my year off going to a tree farm to find the most perfect tree, cut it down and then go decorate it.  I can still smell the pine needles and fresh tree smell.  Was it a pain? – oh yes! Was it adventuress? – oh yes! I can remember one year sliding into a rail on the highway, freaking out from the ice on the roads.  Not sure in my older years that I’m really into that much adventure.

I met my husband, he had a fake tree and I tell you, it was better than mine (the fresh tree).  Easier to set up and get rid of and now I will never go back!  Now that we have been together for a while the costs of tree’s have almost doubled.  I would pay about $35 – $45 for my tree and when I went shopping the other day the tree’s I would get were $75.00.  How do people pay for this year after year?  Our tree costs around $400.  Those same tree’s now cost:  .  It was a one time cost and we paid for it within the first few years.  Not to mention all my time saved!

I have one of the prettiest trees around.  No one can tell it’s fake and I hide these wonderful pine smell ornaments and it’s smells just like the real thing.  I’ve added a couple of ads from Amazon to give you an idea of the options for trees.  Test them out and let me know what you think.




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