Christmas Holiday 2018

I love Christmas time for a few reasons.  We get to see all of the family!  We have such a large family it’s getting harder and harder to get everyone under one roof, but when we do, it’s always time for that family portrait.  We have several traditions we share during the holidays such as going to the store to pick out an ornament.  Find all the good deals on more decorations to add to the house.  I also like to cook over the holidays and make peanut brittle for days.  It’s funny how the holidays bring out different things in people. Below are some of the images I have taken for this years 2018 Christmas.  Please share with me things you are doing to enjoy your holiday season.


One is we buy an ornament for our tree.  This year we got our ornament at Sears.  Here’s a photo to share.  Comment on my page below and let me know what you selected.

We also decorate our house and I must say, this year it is over the top!  Here’s a photo of the masterpiece we created.

There’s nothing more important than our wonderful party on Christmas Eve.  We have a large family and so we fill our home with all the love in the world.  We have our kids, grand kids and others over for an annual party.  There’s nothing like having good food and drinks with family and friends.  Here are some wonderful recipe’s I have used over the years.  Hopefully you will try a couple and let me know how they turned out! Just comment below.

-Bacon cheese balls

-Onion Dip

-Ranch Dip

-Salami and cheese tray

Let me know what things happen at your house during Christmas by posting on my page.



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