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Razor Dirt Quad

Razor Dirt Quad

Our grandson really likes his 24v ATV Razor Dirt Quad instead of playing video games every time. This ATV Razor Dirt Quad is made to take on tough trails, big bumps and is great in the snow.  His ATV Razor Dirt Quad battery and even stays charged for up to four hours!  The Razor Dirt Quad, has 13-inch tires and has hand operated rear disc brakes that are easy for him to use with his little hands. View full specifications here.
I also recommend the helmet he is wearing in the video down below.  He thinks the helmet is cool because it looks like a real motorcycle one.  Check him out in the video below enjoying his Razor Dirt Quad.
So if you want to get your grandkids and children off the video equipment, then this dirt quad is just what you are looking for.  Get yours at

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“As a Target I earn from qualifying purchases.”
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